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Remodeling the Exterior of Your Home


When you, as a dedicated homeowner, decide to remodel the exterior of your home, its worth remembering that you can add significant value to the value of your house, but the work must be carried out to a high standard. However, there are certain home improvement projects that can add significantly more value than others. For example, these might include enhancing the backyard landscaping, adding an extension, or even adding a new roof.

Whatever project you choose to undertake, its always best to walk the exterior of your home and adopt the perspective of someone who does not live there. Looking at the house from the point of view of a stranger will provide a more objective approach as to which changes should be made to the outside of the building in particular. You should consider exactly which parts of the house should be remodeled to add greater curb appeal.

Once the list is complete, be sure to consider every factor including how much it will cost to draw up plans – architects can be very expensive (but they are essential for larger jobs)  , how much it will cost to hire the subcontractors, and, of course the cost of any materials involved. Make sure that you know all of these things before deciding to proceed forward with the project. If you dont know them, then you might not be able to afford the project without the use of finance, or it may actually turn out that the costs aren’t as bad as anticipated and you find that you don’t actually require a loan.

Changing the Color

Selecting a different color scheme is probably the easiest way to transform the exterior of the house. Check the neighborhood, and select colors that blend in with the overall theme of all the other houses on the block. This does not mean your house has to completely blend in with everyone elses but you should be sympathetic to the overall color scheme involved. If you are a bit more daring then you can always opt for a series of complementary colors which can add an instant dramatic effect without being over the top in-your-face. Even a more mundane neutral color can be accented with bright or dark complementary shades to achieve a bold yet not overpowering effect.

Roofing the House

It may be that the only thing that needs to be done to the exterior of your home is simply to have it re-roofed. This can (and should) be done by professionals, usually with just a few days of work. This particular change has  the ability to alter the overall impact of the exterior of the home by selecting different roofing materials. For example, if the house has a shingle roof then why not consider a metal roof, or architectural tile. Beware though, because before heavier roofing material (such as concrete tile) can be installed on an existing home, the roof system should to be surveyed to ensure it can handle the load, and this can add significant cost to the overall project.

Decorative Touches

Adding shutters or window trims also make a dramatic impact on the aesthetic quality of the exterior of the home. Painting the porch or deck might be all that is needed to add a decorative style to the front of the house, whereas, removing a clutter of landscaping, shrubs and bushes can quickly transform the yard and require nothing more than a bit of hard work to increase the value of your house.

There are many ways to remodel the exterior of your home and help add value to it.  The range of  home improvement projects fall between easy do-it-yourself jobs and ones that requires the skills of a general contractor or subcontractor.

In any case, however you choose to transform the exterior of your house, it should always be done with the intention of enhancing the neighborhood while increasing the value of the property.

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