How To Paint The Outside Of Your House


Every spring, homeowners are in a quandary as to where to begin spring cleaning. There are so many things to do between tidying up after winter, caring for yard and garden and sprucing up the house, it can be very hard to make a choice. One job that is fairly quick and that has a tremendous impact on the appearance of your home is painting. You can give your house a whole new look with a paint job so that it looks great right away; even though, you still have lots of outdoor chores to attend to. Read on to learn how to paint the outside of your house for the best results.

In the springtime, the weather is usually mild so you can paint the exterior of your home comfortably and without a lot of interference from the elements. When you paint first, you will not have to worry about getting paint on completed gardening projects, such as freshly mulched flowerbeds. If you hit the timing just right, you can paint before your spring flowers come up and before you begin summertime entertaining.

Additionally, it is a good idea to get a solid coat of paint on the house before the punishing summer sun gets too hot. Paint gives the exterior of your home good protection. If you put off painting, you may find that you have more repairs to attend to before you can paint. On top of that, a good quality of exterior latex will dry to the most protective and durable finish when the weather is moderate. If you wait until it gets got and dry out, the paint may dry too fast. If this happens, you will end up sacrificing some of the protection paint could have provided for your home exterior. Even in moderate weather, it is a good idea to schedule your paint job for cooler times of day and to apply paint to the shady portions of the house working your way out of the path of the sun.
Generally speaking, spring is less windy than summer. A hot, windy day is definitely a bad day for painting. Not only does the hot wind interfere with the proper drying of the paint, it can be dangerous. It is not a good idea to be climbing ladders and walking around on the roof in high winds. Even without this safety consideration, wind brings in lots of contaminants that can cause the surface of your newly painted house to look dingy and rough and attract mildew.

Before you begin painting, check out the long term weather forecast. If storms are brewing, you would naturally want to put off your painting project. Look for a stretch of time when you can wait at least a full day after a rain to begin your project and have three or four good, clear, moderate days following the completion of your job.
For the longest lasting paint job, be sure to make good preparations. Power wash the outside of your home and allow it to dry for at least 24 hours. Follow the cleaning with a coat of high quality latex primer. This is especially important if the house has not been painted previously or if the surface has a lot of imperfections that you have needed to patch. Follow up the primer with two coats of the best 100% acrylic latex you can afford. This type of paint is colorfast, flexible and durable. In fact, if you do a good job with high class paint, you can expect it to last a decade.

Doing your exterior painting first in the springtime will get a big job out of the way and free you up to concentrate on your smaller chores around the yard. Your house will look great and be more than presentable for spring and summer entertaining, and you will be able to pat yourself on the back for your smart planning.

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